What’s in a name?

There was a very funny segment on TalkSport yesterday, whereby listeners would email in with slightly altered names and descriptions for films.  My favourite was: A tale of brave dentistry during the war – The Gums of Navarone.  Well, something like that, I can’t remember exactly.

So, I decided that I’d do the same for some video games.  Hope you enjoy them.

A story of one platoon’s heartbreak and loss during a terrible war
Battlefield: Sad Company

A South Pacific based RTS
Rotastorm: Pacific Rift

The ultimate FPS just got a celebrity makeover

One man’s quest to find the most beautiful woman in the world
Heavenly Broad

Racing game with easier controls and physics for OAPs
Gran’s Bluerinse-Oh!

An open-world racer based on the Oliver Twist universe

The new game of copyright heists and IP theft
Brand Theft Auto

A brutal fighter featuring all-new marsupial characters
Mortal Wombat

Wire-frame shooter for drug-addled gamers!

Learn how to keep Britain’s streets safe with this Council-endorsed sim
Street Brighter

A light-hearted Japanese golf game with Didgeridoo music
Everybody’s Rolf

Online only war-based rubbernecking sim

Point n Click adventure game in the grand tradition of Leisure Suit Larry
Call of Booty

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