I love Vampires

I love them lots.  Despite being tricked into the (admittedly best ever) relationship with my partner-in-crime Gillibobs by the use of Vampires as a tempting ploy, I still love them.  I’ve enjoyed many of Anne Rice’s Vampire books because they go much deeper than the surface of Vampire mythology.  They include deep characters with stories that explore a Vampire’s life and feelings much more than just where the next drink is coming from.

When I first heard about Twilight – the film, I have no interest in reading the books – I was sceptical as to whether I would like it.  Hearing the word “teen” around anything to do with Vampires is a sure fire way of making me reach for the garlic.  But, last night, we had a “Give A Movie A Chance” evening and Gillibobs chose Twilight.  We had a little walk to the local Tesco with Peggy-Dog, and Peggy and I waited outside while Gill went in to chose the first film.  Little does she know that I spotted her purchasing the film through the window and had deduced from the cover that it was Twilight.  I was pleasantly surprised though, because her track record with Vampires isn’t very good!  For the record, I chose the film 2012 on Blu-ray.

Once home we decided to watch Twilight.  I took about five minutes to decide I liked the film.  I was completely sold once the first Vampires appeared, the only hint of them being Vampires was their almost ghostly-white appearance compared to the other high school kids.

The film’s premise was easy enough to work out from that point on: A love story.  But, it was told with more maturity than I thought would be present.  The story of a Vampire family accepting a human into its midst, contrasted against the human’s own family life was handled well enough that it didn’t descend into teen angst.  There was enough Vampire action to keep that side of me happy, yet it wasn’t a film about Vampires as much as it was a film about family and love and what we’ll do to protect them.  And a slight undercurrent of Werewolf, which I’m sure will blossom in New Moon!

So, once again, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Or, don’t judge a Vampire piece badly just because it has the word teen associated with it.


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