Little To Report

I was supposed to be blogging every day.  But that lasted about a week and then it became once every other day.  And I was about to blow that goal too, but here I am writing some boring, mundane words describing nothing of interest just so I’ve written something.

Today started well enough.  Up at 6 and out for a run with Peggy-Dog.  Then off to work and the utter, crushing tedium of doing something that interests me not one jot.  I don’t mind the problem solving side of things as at least my brain gets a vague workout, but in all honesty for the most part I just sit there thinking about getting home.  If you knew me, like properly knew me, you’d know that I can’t do anything about it because I’m a hopelessly apathetic…ah, jeez I couldn’t even be bothered blogging once a day, right?

So, anyway, one good thing at work was that Gillibobs sent me a genuinely beautiful email that made me smile.  Inside and out.

Once home I had another nice surprise because Gillibobs had ordered me some breaded chicken when she did the online shopping yesterday.  Total result.  I love breaded chicken.  It’s just the best.

Then I sorted out TSA Times, the weekly newsletter of TheSixthAxis, before watching Liverpool get a decent enough first leg result in the Europa League of UEFA Teams Challenge Trophy Cup semi-final.

And now to bed.  Because tomorrow, at 6 am, it all starts again.

Oh.  Almost forgot.  I made friends with a Husky today.  I love Huskies more than breaded chicken.  I’m not saying I’d eat one, mind.


  1. You see, even in a mundane, boring, ordinary day – despite your apathy, you can find something positive. World 0 – 1 Mooch. xxx

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