Politics: I Know Nothing

It’s General Election season at the moment and the recent televised Leaders’ Debate was something I had been looking forward to for a while.  I must say now that I don’t really know much about politics and haven’t really cared to find out.  My level of knowledge can be summed up as follows:

Labour: Socialists and therefore they want me to live in the North (where it’s grim) and be as poor as everyone else.

Conservative: Capitalists and therefore they don’t care where I live as long as I believe in free market ideals and making the rich richer.

Liberal Democrats: *shrugs*

I was interested in the debate because I wanted to hear what the leaders had to say and I also wanted to see how well they said it and how they coped against each other.  For me, Nick Clegg clearly came out on top in terms of his delivery and how he coped against Cameron and Brown.  I’m not suggesting his policies are the best, but after watching the debate I’d be more inclined to listen to him than the other two.

So, what do I actually believe in?

That people respond to incentives and that government has to find the right ones to make society move in the right direction.  Pity we all have different expectations of “right” though.

That there must be a “best” way of running the NHS, so we should work out what that is and not let a new government change it.  Hint: the best way isn’t to continually let new governments change it.

I joked on Twitter that I’d vote for whichever party would enable me to more easily afford an iPad.  A Twitter-buddy of mine – cc_star – gave me the following advice: Labour will give one free to low income families; Conservatives will cut taxes to enable people to buy their own.

That’s my level of political knowledge right there!

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