Ran Round A Bit, Came Back

I love to run. I especially love it once Spring arrives and I can finally run again under blue skies. Ok, the skies in Winter are sometimes blue, but it’s freezing and I like feeling the sun on my face.

Today was only the second time this year that I’ve been running in anything other than my cold weather gear. That’s Under Armour and Gore Running Wear for those that want recommendations. Some of my warm weather gear is that too, but I digress.

So, my run. Four miles (ish) through some lovely paths, past the little lake, through the middle of farmland and Pig Island, to the Sign. The sign is for St Helens, and once there I turn back and run the reverse route home. Yes, it’s point-to-point and back, not circular like a lot of runners prefer. But I don’t really care; It’s the time and distance that’s important.

The best thing about running is “runners’ high”, that feeling when the endorphins flow through your body and everything seems just peachy. Then after the run, when you feel like eating a horse and it’s ok because you won’t get fat. And finally you get to sleep the best sleep because you’re physically tired. It’s the best type of tired, so much healthier than the psychological tiredness a day of crappy work saddles you with.

And that’s me done for the week. I need to sleep that sleep my exertions deserve.


  1. I feel like a phoney now running on my treadmill after hearing that lovely description of you running where you do! I get a view of a fridge and a table 🙁

  2. No way, mate. I’d love a treadmill, but our house really isn’t big enough to house one without causing a huge reconfiguration of furniture!

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