Touch Junkies: Super Smoothies!

Followers of this blog will know that I don’t really update it very much, but today I have momentous news!

I’ve been developing apps for iPhone all this year and today, finally, our (yes, our, more on that in a moment) app is ready to hit the App Store. It’s currently “In Review” with Apple, so hopefully by tomorrow morning it’ll be approved and on sale in the App Store.

The app is called Super Smoothies and it’s a fruit-mixing puzzle game, developed by me with graphics and sound done by my good friend, Nofi. Together we’ve called ourselves Touch Junkies, and we’re pretty excited that all of our hard work has finally paid off.

And it has been hard work. It’s about 4 months effort on this game, but before that we tried two other games which never quite made it. We got started by using the excellent Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile (thanks, guys!), and once I’d got my head around the coding we started in earnest.

This is a major achievement for me personally. To complete a project such as this after many years of false starts is something I am very proud of.

Please follow us on our journey over at Touch Junkies, and let us know what you think of the game. If you buy it. Which you will. You will, won’t you?

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