Shoes with the X-Factor

Thanks to the kindness of my family at Christmas I received a lot of vouchers for Up and Running. I’d asked for them, because I wanted to purchase some new running shoes. Specifically, I wanted some shoes that were more “minimalist” than I am used to.

I’ve been running in Inov-8 trail shoes for a year now so my first thought was to try out their new(ish) range of road shoes: Road-X. Basically, these are shoes designed for road running, but without the excessive cushioning/motion control “technology” of more traditional shoes. I bought the Road-X 255, which are the closest to traditional running shoes, and so the perfect introduction to a more natural running shoe and style.

I used them for the first time today and I love them. The lack of bulk and therefore lightness make them a nice shoe to run in. I do think the fit is a little snug compared to other Inov-8 shoes of the same size, but in use this was not a problem. I ran 3 miles and they felt great.

Now that I have Inov-8 trail and road shoes, I have left behind my old stalwarts Saucony Grid Omni. They did well for me over the last 8 years, but I now prefer the feel of the lighter, more natural shoes. Of course, this sort of shoe isn’t for everyone, and I’m no zealot. I firmly believe you should run in what is comfortable for you, and only consider a change if you suffer from repeated and similar injuries.

Now to kick my training up a gear and enter a race or two to test my new shoes.

Thanks to Up and Running for the excellent service in getting the shoes to me so quickly.

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