My Development Journey

My journey usually begins with sheets of A4 paper and black and white prototypes.

I like to make notes and sketches and scribble pseudo-code on the A4. I often repeat the same things on multiple pages just trying to get an idea straight in my head. The black and white prototypes I make using the Corona SDK. I’m not a graphic designer, so black and white boxes and text serve perfectly for me as placeholders for the graphics to come.

In my previous post I introduced my new project, MyFitnessTimer. I’m going to try and document the whole process of development, from the first A4 scribbles – if I still have them, I’d best check – through to the finished product in the App Store. With that in mind, here are the earliest prototype screens for the app. They show quite clearly that I wasn’t joking about the black and white! The first two pictures show the editing of a timer, i.e. choosing how long the timer lasts. All the +/- text are tappable areas. In the final version these will be replaced with much nicer looking visuals. The final pic just shows the basic view of a timer, i.e. the time left and a couple of tappable text boxes.

I think it’s interesting to see these pics because it shows how an app doesn’t just materialise fully formed from the hands of the development team. I know you know that, but when you get a finished product you do tend to forget the work that has gone into it.

So, do you think Naughty Dog will want me for art duties in the next Uncharted of Us game?

Edit Timer
About to edit a timer


Edit Timer Showing Time
Look at the new time



Timer with controls
Timer with basic controls
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