Spain Are Boring

Well, in some of the games they play they are.

And there it is; one of the greatest ever national football teams can also be boring on occasion. It doesn’t mean that I can’t recognise good football when I see it. It doesn’t mean that I lack the ability to appreciate technically accomplished footballers. It really just means that sometimes they are boring. The way that some journalists used Twitter to make snide digs at people claiming Spain were boring showed up their lack of understanding much more than it showed up those people’s lack of footballing knowledge.

I think Spain are a magnificent team. The football they play is, at its best, of a different level to their opponents. They could pretty much have come from a different planet and I’d believe it. Occasionally, with their pass-pass-pass and lack of penetration they can be a bit dull.

It’s really not that hard to grasp. Like an excellent actor who makes a dud film.

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