We Are Making Good Progress

I used to work for a software company where Leonard Liu was the CEO and during his infrequent trips to the UK all he said to us grunts was “We are making good progress.”

Mostly I used to think, “We’re really not are we, Leonard?” but I kept quiet.

However, on my new game I am making good progress. I’ve been experimenting with new board layouts and letting the testers have at it. I’ve done some more re-factoring to streamline the process of adding new boards and game types. Oh, and I’ve been designing some new game types which haven’t yet been coded.

I also read a good interview with Chair Entertainment, creators of Infinity Blade, in Edge and a couple of things the Chair guys said really chimed with me. I certainly like to develop games in a similar way to what they outlined in the interview, so that’s got to be good, right?

And now there’s just enough time left in the day for me to add a tweak or two to the code.

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