Discbord Launches Today

Discbord launches in the App Store today and I’m chuffed to bits about it.

From pretty much the moment I first tried the iPhone’s touch interface I was thinking about a game like Discbord. Now, over 4 years later, I’ve finally released the game I always wanted to play.

Discbord is simple. Slide the disc up the screen towards the game board and aim to get the disc to land in the most beneficial spot. So, in the High Score game you’ll be aiming for the high-scoring boxes, whereas in the Round The Board game you need to hit the boxes in sequence. There are two more game types, Twenty One and Thief, and 12 game boards in total.

Discbord was built to be simple to play, but to also offer a consistent challenge. To this end, the AI is adaptive and alters according to your performance. You can also play against another player on the same device.

The central mechanic of Discbord means it’s open to many different game types. There were more types developed than the four it will release with and there are many more concepts still awaiting development. Hopefully these will make an appearance in future updates if the prototypes are as fun as the theory suggests.

I couldn’t have got this far without the help of a few people, so thanks to the following for all their assistance:

Gill Lysons – my wife, who puts up with all my geeking!

Matt Le Quesne – app logo and in-game disc graphic

Rob Hawkins – playtesting and excellent feedback

Anyway, stop reading this and go and download it! Or check out my Twitter feed on Monday 19th August for the chance to grab some download codes so you can get the game free. In the meantime, check out the trailer above as created by Lewis Gaston.

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