Letters Learn

I’m learning again and this time I’m using letters to help me do it.

Ever since I knew that one of the co-founders of the Corona SDK, Carlos Icaza, was working on a new game development engine for mobile devices I wanted in. Not that the Corona SDK isn’t a great product, it is. I’ve released two games using it. But this new SDK, Lanica’s Platino Game Engine, has been designed specifically for 2D/2.5D games on mobile devices. Earlier this year Platino finally came out of beta and I was able to get my hands on the trial software.

And this has meant more learning as not only do I need to learn the Platino SDK – which is very similar to Corona in syntax in many respects – but I have needed to learn Javascript. Corona made use of Lua, a language I came to love, but Javascript seems to be its equal in most respects. Plus, Javascript handles OOP in a way I prefer and that’s a big bonus for me.

Now, you’re wondering where all the letters come into this, right? Well, I decided that in order to adequately test-drive Platino I need to try and build a game. A very simple game that wouldn’t require much in the way of GFX that I am incapable of producing, or having produced for me within the 45-day limit of the trial. By chance I was looking at Peach Pellen’s Techority site and a post about reading a word list into a Titanium application. Platino sits on top of Titanium, hence the link. After I read the post and tried the code, I sourced my own word list – the EOWL, in factĀ – and decided that a word game would the ideal thing to try my hand at Platino with.

That’s where I’m at now, I’m building a word game in Platino and hope to have it completed by the time my trial runs out. This game isn’t intended to make it into the App Store, it’s really just a learning tool for me to ascertain whether I want to take out a Platino subscription or not. However, I’ve come a long way in a few days and I think the game could have potential beyond just a learning tool.

So, if you like your word games and want to find out how I go about developing a basic one stay tuned.

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