Doing The Dirty Work

I’m about as good at dirty work as I am at communicating how bad at it I am.

Did that make sense?

Thing is, I want to make games for a living. Or apps. Software, that’s what I like to make. And I want to sell it so that I can do other stuff like buy food and electricity and broadband.

So why the dirty work?

Well, it’s not enough to just create a cool game or app and sit back as the cash rolls in. Inevitably it doesn’t work that way. Inevitably your app gets lost in your store of choice and is never seen or heard from again. Inevitably you never make a penny and end up miserable and depressed working for the NHS…that bit might just be me.

It’s the dirty work I need to do. I need to do all the work that results in getting my game or app or just even my name known before I’ve even released anything. It’s about creating an identity and a following and a buzz so that when the game hits the store I get a zillion sales. At least, that’s what I’ve read.

I don’t really want to do that though. It feels a bit cheaty to me, like I’m deliberately manipulating people. I suppose, technically, I’m writing apps that I hope are good enough that you’re manipulated into buying them. It’s just something that I need to figure out how to do, in my own way, that doesn’t make me feel as though it’s actually dirty work.

See, I told you I wasn’t good at communicating this stuff. Of course, the irony is that I need to learn how to communicate so well that people want to know about what I’m doing.

I sometimes think that if I could write an app that mimicked the behaviour I’m trying to create I’d be fine. But getting me to exhibit that behaviour is the trick I need to master.

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