Grand Theft Auto

GTA III is the best game ever made.

And the GTA series allowed me to create one of my favourite jokes: A video game of IP-based theft – Brand Theft Auto.

And now we’re on to GTA V. It’s neither the best game ever made nor do I have a good joke about it. Or even just a joke. I did consider writing a review of it, but then my enforced absence from work came to an end and I haven’t played it since.

But, really, a review isn’t what you need. What you need is my handy flowchart:

Have you played a GTA game before?

If Yes then GTA V is awesome, buy it

If No then GTA V is awesome, buy it

That’s it sorted. Not sure there’s much else you need to know. It has graphics and sound, lots of action, loads of funny stuff and that. There’s a bit of a story too. Oh! It’s got a dog. With a cool name – Chop.

Public service done, I’m off to watch World War Z(ed).

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