Is Running My Resolution?

I’ve been running since 2003, not continuously, I’ve had the odd break here and there, including a near 3-year hiatus when I moved to Newton in 2014. However, earlier this year I decided I needed to get back into running. Luckily for me I live a few minutes from the meeting point of a local running group called Resolution Runners. Just over a month ago I laced up my running shoes – they’re about 6 years old, which tells you how little consistent running I’ve done because they are still in good nick – and headed off to Mesnes Park.

The first night was a dark evening in March, and I received a warm welcome into the group. I knew they were coming to the end of a Couch-to-5K series and this turned out to be perfect for me given my lack of recent running activity. The thing I noticed most about the group was how supportive it was, and the almost complete lack of a competitive nature. Sure, people were competitive with themselves about reaching their 5k goal, but there was a distinct lack of people talking about PBs, injuries, how injuries hampered their PBs, and pretty much anything else that I’d been used to at a club I’d run with in the past. I found it refreshing.

I’ve been back every Wednesday since and the supportive and fun nature has been the same every time. The group does a muster run on the Wednesday, which involves the faster members turning round at various points on the route and running back to the last runner, at which point the faster runners turn around again and continue on the run. I think you can tell a lot about a running group by how people react to mustering, and Resolution Runners does it brilliantly.

This Saturday I went on my first weekend run with the group. It was a special Easter Relay event, where we ran about 5k and then headed to Trebaron Garden Centre for post-run refreshments. We were all put into pairs, and ran round a circular route in opposite directions. When we met our partner we exchanged a high-five and turned round and ran back the way we’d come. On the way back there was a point where our paths crossed and we were to wait for our partner there, before finishing the race together. It was a good way of meeting someone new and having a little chat with them, and also made the run more interesting because you didn’t want to get to the meeting point after your partner. Except I did – d’oh!

Perhaps the most impressive part of Resolution Runners is that it’s run “for the love of it” by a great set of run leaders. There is no cost, so it’s not a running club in that sense. It’s just a bunch of like-minded people, getting together to run and support one another on whatever journey they’re on.

I’m glad I joined in, and I now look forward to Wednesdays not just because it’s nearly the weekend, but because I get to run with a good bunch of people too!

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