This May Be Harder Than I Anticipated…

Parkrun barcode tags
Parkrun barcode tags

Last night I went running with my pals from the Resolution Runners running group.

It was an out-and-back; we ran for 18 minutes one way and then 18 minutes back. It was roughly 6k. As I have set myself the Parkrun Top 100 Challenge I decided to try and keep pace with some of the faster runners. Thankfully for me they didn’t set off as fast as I know they can, so I managed to keep up for the first half. During the second half the 18 minutes turned into about 15 and despite the obvious increase in pace I was left behind somewhat.

However, doing a negative split meant that I had managed to increase my pace over the second half. In fact, at one point I managed a 0:04:29 kilometre. I haven’t run that fast for quite some time, and I have to say it felt great! I finished really strongly and although I was working hard at that pace I wasn’t completely out of breath at the end. I’m not sure how long I could have kept up that pace for, but 1k is a start.

What this run did for me was make me realise just how tough the Parkrun challenge will be. Although I know I can improve my fitness level, I am not sure how close I can get to some of the Parkun times I’ll need to run. For some of the faster races I’ll need to be running five 4-minute kilometres, and I’m currently 29 seconds off being able to run one! Bring on the challenge then.

As I’m going to be attending a number of Parkruns over the next few months I decided to invest in some better barcodes than my paper ones. Nothing wrong with the paper ones, but they are susceptible to getting damaged and wet during a race. So I header over to the excellent Parkrun Barcode site and ordered some of these beauties!

Parkrun barcode tags
Parkrun barcode tags

Less than a fiver (including P&P) for three plastic barcodes. Hopefully, this will stop me having to straighten out my crooked paper version while the volunteers try to scan it!

On Saturday I am having a personal coaching session and as part of that I will be discussing my Parkrun and Thunder Run challenges. Once that is done I will be creating a plan to train for both challenges, and soon after I should be making my first Parkrun Top 100 attempt.

Bring. It. On.

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