Hello, 2018!
Hello, 2018!

At this time of year every year I think about what I want from the new year, and then I forget about it and 12 months later I wonder why nothing changed.

I’d like this year to be the time that I concentrate on changes to my career. I’m very skilled at what I do, but over the years two things have become too big a part of my job; boredom and stagnation. There may be opportunities in my current job to address both those issues later in the year, but I also need to be more proactive and create my own opportunities. Every year I flirt with app development for iOS devices – and I have released two games on iOS since 2011 – but I never commit fully and therefore I never get anywhere.

Another consideration is that my earnings have stayed flat for a number of years. Working in the NHS has many benefits, but regular salary improvement has not recently been one of them. As I get older and nearer to retirement I need to think about what sort of lifestyle I’ll be able to afford, and how current earnings can impact on that. And while the NHS has decent pension provision, the more I can put in the better things will be when I am finally released from the tyranny of work!

I’ve never been a planner when it comes to my career, but I have always made fitness and running plans in the past. It now seems obvious that I should make a plan to help further my career goals so that will be the first step on the journey.

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