Healthy Eating Or Fine Dining: Why Not Both?

I love to exercise and be healthy, but the biggest struggle for me is always with food; I love the stuff and will happily consume my own bodyweight in chocolate if left unsupervised*!

I love to eat out and one of the best discoveries of 2017 was a new restaurant that opened in St Helens town centre. It’s called Vigour Kitchen and Juice Bar, and it aims to provide food akin to a fine-dining restaurant but that is also fit for athletes. It may seem like an impossibility, but given that the restaurant sponsors a number of successful local athletes, and that the St Helens RLFC team can be seen eating there then I think it’s managed it.

I went there today with Gilliblogs for lunch and it was, as usual, superb. The food is of a really high standard, but is also great value. And all this comes with the fact that it’s prepared by people who understand the nutrition needs of people that want to exercise and live a healthier life. As Vigour says, it’s basically guilt-free dining.

The menu is like a pick and mix as you choose a protein item, then one or two carbs, and finally you can have it with salad and a dip too. Today I had Thai fishcakes for protein, with carbs of roast potatoes and a pea and bacon risotto. It might seem like an odd combination, but that’s the beauty of the pick and mix menu. Despite the food being so well balanced for athletes and therefore obviously cooked without the usual fats and sugars a different restaurant might use, the flavour of the food is wonderful. I spent much of last year on a healthy lifestyle journey, but I ate out more than ever because of Vigour, and I lost weight, toned up, and I feel better physically and mentally than I have for years.

Before we left I noticed they had a new product which was Vigour’s own protein bars. They had three flavours so I couldn’t resist buying one of each and then trying to take an arty photo of them – see below. Gill and I have tested the Strawberry and White Chocolate protein bar and it’s fab.

We’re looking forward to eating there for years to come, and the fact that the restaurant won some “Best Of” awards in 2017 means it should be there for quite some time.


Salt and pepper chicken, steamed greens, and honey carrots and parsnips, with a hummus dip.
Salt and pepper chicken, steamed greens, honey carrots and parsnips, with a hummus dip.
Thai fishcakes, roast potatoes, pea and bacon risotto, with a beetroot and feta dip.
Thai fishcakes, roast potatoes, pea and bacon risotto, with a beetroot and feta dip.
Vigour Protein Bars.
Vigour Protein Bars.



  • This may not be true, historic evidence suggests I can do this even if I am supervised…

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