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WWDC 2021 – Day 2

We got the first recap video today and Serenity Caldwell knocked it out of the (Apple) park. Watching the brief-yet-info-dense recap got me excited all over again about what’s in store for this week and beyond.

Already the Apple dev community is cranking out content. My personal favourite so far is tuning into Paul Hudson’s fantastic live streams on YouTube. He’s already demoed a load of new SwiftUI code, and he’s currently live streaming all about new stuff in Swift 5.5. If you want to know about Swift’s new concurrency model then this is the place to go. You can watch the videos back after they live stream, so no rush.

I’m also partial to a bit of content from John Sundell & Friends on the WWDC by Sundell web site. John is a fantastic communicator about all things to do with Apple development, and he’s joined by Gui Rambo and perhaps others throughout the week.

I watched the Apple session “What’s new in SwiftUI” today and there is a lot of new functionality that is very impressive. Swipe actions for Lists look awesome and will be such a time-saver both in code terms and UI terms. There were a number of other great things that will help simplify development with SwiftUI – buttons, refreshable API, searchable API and so on – and I can’t wait to get started with the new Xcode beta.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway so far is the number of times that async await appears in sample code. Makes me think all code looks like this now:

@State private await var async myVar: String = await "My Value"

It’s great that concurrency is being so heavily involved in the code demos. It’s an area of programming that I’ve not dabbled in before, so I am excited to try it out.

That’s it for day 2 – the week is going by so fast!