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Inov 8 Roclite 305 First Run

Running is a very cheap sport to get into. You only need some trainers and off you go. Which is why after re-booting my running career two months ago I’ve acquired (via gifts and my own purchases) running gear costing a substantial amount more than “very cheap”! I treated myself to a new pair of… Read more →

Run for The 96 5K

This morning I ran in the “Run for The 96 5K” race in Stanley Park in Liverpool. The race is in its third year and is run to remember the 96 who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. It is also run to raise funds for Everton in the Community and the… Read more →

Thunder Run 2018?

I started to run again about 8 weeks ago and already I’ve got the urge to run the fantastic-sounding race, Thunder Run! It’s a 24-hour event, and for me it would involve being part of an 8-person team, taking it in turns to run laps of a 10K course. I actually entered a team back in… Read more →

Is Running My Resolution?

I’ve been running since 2003, not continuously, I’ve had the odd break here and there, including a near 3-year hiatus when I moved to Newton in 2014. However, earlier this year I decided I needed to get back into running. Luckily for me I live a few minutes from the meeting point of a local… Read more →

UIPickerView and Swift 3

I’ve been learning how to code using Swift 3. As Swift 3 is still so new, a lot of the help on the Tinterweb is for Swift 2. When you try to get help with the Cocoa and Interface Builder stuff things can get a little tricky. What the net says works perfectly in Swift… Read more →

One Trick Ponies

They make for the best video games, right? It’s hard to find fault with a game like Tetris, given that it has one trick which has been refined to perfection leaving no room for criticism. Unless you don’t like that one trick, of course, but then you’re just a weirdo. I like games that do… Read more →

Book Discovery on Kindle

I’ve been a keen Kindle user for nearly 4 years and barely visited a book shop in that time; now I’m wondering if I need to go back. The reason is book discovery and how terribly awful it is on the e-ink Kindle devices. I’m increasingly finding that it’s far too difficult to find books… Read more →