What Do Hue Think You’re Looking At?

Hue Motion Sensor

I love a bit of tech and one of the things I’ve wanted to try out over the last year or so has been some home lighting improvements. Philips Hue lights are wireless LED lights that can provide a great range of colours, and can be controlled via a number of different methods such as… Continue reading What Do Hue Think You’re Looking At?

Grand Theft Auto

GTA III is the best game ever made. And the GTA series allowed me to create one of my favourite jokes: A video game of IP-based theft – Brand Theft Auto. And now we’re on to GTA V. It’s neither the best game ever made nor do I have a good joke about it. Or… Continue reading Grand Theft Auto

The Future

Since I released Discbord in August I’ve been thinking about my future as an app developer. I’ve been programming computers since I was ten or eleven, when I learned BBC Basic on BBC Micros and Acorn Electrons. I was programming games even then, although my skill level was nowhere near good enough to make anything… Continue reading The Future