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Discbord Launches Today

Discbord launches in the App Store today and I’m chuffed to bits about it. From pretty much the moment I first tried the iPhone’s touch interface I was thinking about a game like Discbord. Now, over 4 years later, I’ve finally released the game I always wanted to play. Discbord is simple. Slide the disc… Read more →

We Are Making Good Progress

I used to work for a software company where Leonard Liu was the CEO and during his infrequent trips to the UK all he said to us grunts was “We are making good progress.” Mostly I used to think, “We’re really not are we, Leonard?” but I kept quiet. However, on my new game I… Read more →

Future-proof Your Code

You don’t need to, but it might just help you in the, er, future. I still don’t have a name for my new app, but it’s got a working title of DiscGame. This is because the app is a game based around the concept of flicking a disc at a target. Inspiring stuff. Anyway, future… Read more →

Another Day, Another App

Once again I’m building a new app. We’ve been here before, I know. But I find that I can only really invest the time and effort necessary to deliver an app to the App Store if it’s an app I really believe in. My last development attempt, MyFitnessTimer, was something that I did believe in… Read more →