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Letters Learn

I’m learning again and this time I’m using letters to help me do it. Ever since I knew that one of the co-founders of the Corona SDK, Carlos Icaza, was working on a new game development engine for mobile devices I wanted in. Not that the Corona SDK isn’t a great product, it is. I’ve… Read more →

Discbord: Submission Confirmed

About a year since I began developing it Discbord is finally “Waiting For Review” in the Apple App Store. Over the next few days my little app will be inspected and hopefully approved for release into the App Store. And then you can all buy it for 69p. Thanks. As with Super Smoothies I am very… Read more →

Catching Raised Events Twice

I’ve been very busy with the development of my new game, Discbord. One of the things I’ve had to do recently is pretty up the bare-bones GUI into something a little more attractive. Me being me, this meant creating a reusable object for text-based buttons. It also meant using Corona’s custom events to take care… Read more →

Recording Game Statistics

The competitive urge is one of the main reasons we play games. To help tap into that, over and above the competitive nature of my game itself, I decided to record stats. If nothing else, it gives each game a little extra edge if you know that the CPU has 25 wins to your 24.… Read more →

Sounds Good To Me

I’ve been doing some class work with audio lately. It’s all well and good developing a game with all the gameplay in the world and no real graphics or audio to speak of, but eventually it needs both. I’m tackling audio first because my skills in that department are just about better than my skills… Read more →