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One Trick Ponies

They make for the best video games, right? It’s hard to find fault with a game like Tetris, given that it has one trick which has been refined to perfection leaving no room for criticism. Unless you don’t like that one trick, of course, but then you’re just a weirdo. I like games that do… Read more →

The A-Team

That’s what I’m building for my next game. Ok, ok a little misleading and you’re all no doubt excited about playing my latest game because you think you’ll be playing as Mad Murdoch and BA. But what I meant was that I am getting together a team of people to help with the production of… Read more →

The Future

Since I released Discbord in August I’ve been thinking about my future as an app developer. I’ve been programming computers since I was ten or eleven, when I learned BBC Basic on BBC Micros and Acorn Electrons. I was programming games even then, although my skill level was nowhere near good enough to make anything… Read more →

Discbord: Submission Confirmed

About a year since I began developing it Discbord is finally “Waiting For Review” in the Apple App Store. Over the next few days my little app will be inspected and hopefully approved for release into the App Store. And then you can all buy it for 69p. Thanks. As with Super Smoothies I am very… Read more →


My latest app development is a personal project born out of necessity. I like to run, but it’s not the only exercise I do. When I was trying to get into better shape before my wedding earlier this year, I started to do some mini-workouts, which involved press ups, sit-ups, balance exercises, and strength training… Read more →