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UIPickerView and Swift 3

I’ve been learning how to code using Swift 3. As Swift 3 is still so new, a lot of the help on the Tinterweb is for Swift 2. When you try to get help with the Cocoa and Interface Builder stuff things can get a little tricky. What the net says works perfectly in Swift… Read more →

Discbord: Day 3

Basically I’m now rich from the sales of Discbord. Well, ok, I’m not but it’s not unexpected. I am however happy that I actually released another app, and I’ve been chuffed with some of the comments from people that have played it. I’d planned on releasing Discbord and then checking out Lanica’s Platino SDK as an… Read more →

Discbord Launches Today

Discbord launches in the App Store today and I’m chuffed to bits about it. From pretty much the moment I first tried the iPhone’s touch interface I was thinking about a game like Discbord. Now, over 4 years later, I’ve finally released the game I always wanted to play. Discbord is simple. Slide the disc… Read more →

We Are Making Good Progress

I used to work for a software company where Leonard Liu was the CEO and during his infrequent trips to the UK all he said to us grunts was “We are making good progress.” Mostly I used to think, “We’re really not are we, Leonard?” but I kept quiet. However, on my new game I… Read more →

Future-proof Your Code

You don’t need to, but it might just help you in the, er, future. I still don’t have a name for my new app, but it’s got a working title of DiscGame. This is because the app is a game based around the concept of flicking a disc at a target. Inspiring stuff. Anyway, future… Read more →

Another Day, Another App

Once again I’m building a new app. We’ve been here before, I know. But I find that I can only really invest the time and effort necessary to deliver an app to the App Store if it’s an app I really believe in. My last development attempt, MyFitnessTimer, was something that I did believe in… Read more →