Healthy Eating Or Fine Dining: Why Not Both?

Vigour Protein Bars.

I love to exercise and be healthy, but the biggest struggle for me is always with food; I love the stuff and will happily consume my own bodyweight in chocolate if left unsupervised*! I love to eat out and one of the best discoveries of 2017 was a new restaurant that opened in St Helens… Continue reading Healthy Eating Or Fine Dining: Why Not Both?


Hello, 2018!

At this time of year every year I think about what I want from the new year, and then I forget about it and 12 months later I wonder why nothing changed. I’d like this year to be the time that I concentrate on changes to my career. I’m very skilled at what I do,… Continue reading 2018

The Future

Since I released Discbord in August I’ve been thinking about my future as an app developer. I’ve been programming computers since I was ten or eleven, when I learned BBC Basic on BBC Micros and Acorn Electrons. I was programming games even then, although my skill level was nowhere near good enough to make anything… Continue reading The Future