iOS 12 Shortcuts

Today View Siri Shortcuts Widget on iOS

Apple released iOS12, the latest version of their mobile operating system, on 17th September 2018 and with it came the new Shortcuts/Siri Shortcuts functionality. Shortcuts is the new name for the old Workflow app. In essence, Shortcuts is a way of (relatively) easily automating tasks on your iOS devices. Shortcuts that you create can be… Continue reading iOS 12 Shortcuts

What Do Hue Think You’re Looking At?

Hue Motion Sensor

I love a bit of tech and one of the things I’ve wanted to try out over the last year or so has been some home lighting improvements. Philips Hue lights are wireless LED lights that can provide a great range of colours, and can be controlled via a number of different methods such as… Continue reading What Do Hue Think You’re Looking At?