A Different Class Of Football

Whilst waiting for TSA to launch Episode 2 of TSAtv I thought I’d watch a bit of the Champions League match between Inter Milan and Barcelona.  I don’t watch much Champions League football unless Liverpool are involved, but I occasionally like to watch the really good non-Premier League teams, especially if they have Messi and Xavi playing for them.

I also like to watch these teams because they play something so unlike the hurly-burly of the English Premier League that it’s basically a different sport.

Xavi is clearly more artist than footballer.  His technique is, to all intents and purposes, flawless.  Combined with his movement and agility, and his passing vision, it creates the finest midfielder of his generation.  Think of the current best English midfielder.  And then think of Xavi.  And then marvel that apparently they are playing the same game.

Messi is one of the most technically gifted players I’ve seen.  His close control is sometimes astonishing, and when twinned with his ability to change direction at speed and at such sharp angles, he becomes unplayable.

Both Messi and Xavi have technique the like of which is seemingly alien to English players.  Then again, these foreigners are big girls’ blouses, so that makes it all ok.

I’m not knocking England’s finest.  I’m celebrating the fact that some footballers really are from another planet.

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