Friday Night!

Hurray for the end of the week.  The end of the working week, I suppose.  Although given my current level of work apathy my working week usually ends at about 8:30 am on the Monday that it typically starts.  This end of week is better than most because it signals the start of an extended weekend.  Firstly, it’s Bank Holiday time – which means, no doubt, rain – and it’s also my birthday soon – Tuesday, Star Wars Day – and so I now have four days off work.

Right now though, it’s Friday Night!  Which means, in typical Mooch fashion, a can of Coca-Cola and some chocolate.  Now, I know you were no doubt hoping for tales of wanton debauchery and the like, but I am as likely to indulge in such shenanigans as Gordon Brown is to indulge in being Prime Ministerial.

So, some sugary water, some sugary chocolate, and I’m all set.  For what?  Well, writing this blog, of course!

Today’s blog was going to be about some serious stuff.  I have forgotten what serious stuff though, so instead you’ll have to make do with the above blog about chocolate and Coca-Cola.

I apologise: And now to enjoy my Prime Minstrels.

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