A couple of weeks ago I went to have my eyes tested. Eye tests fill me with dread because I’m scared of needing glasses.  It’s not the glasses themselves that I object to, it’s the fact that they signal my body is finally giving in to old age and I am kaput.  I’m not even 37 yet – but I will be in May, feel free to send gifts – and my body is done for.  Now, obviously that’s a bit melodramatic, but it’s the thought that goes through my head and so I end up desperately hoping I won’t need glasses.

Unfortunately, at my latest eye test the optician said that although my eyes were fine and dandy he thought that glasses for VDU work would help me stop getting tired eyes.  So, today I went to pick up the glasses and I’ve been trying them out to see how well they work.

Initial findings are that they are ace.  Images on the monitor seem a little bigger and brighter, and presumably that’s easier on my eyes because they’re having to work less hard to see those images.  The really strange thing is that when I remove the glasses it takes my eyes a couple of seconds to refocus, during which time everything is a tad blurry.  It’s a little unnerving.  If I’m looking at the screen and then I move my eyes down to look at the keyboard, so that I’m not actually looking through the lenses, the keyboard appears blurred until my eyes refocus.  I know I’ll get used to it, but right now I’m nervous that I will break my eyes!

I’ll get a really good idea of well they are working when I use them at work next week.  An eight hour stretch in front of a monitor will be a great workout.  If I can say goodbye to tired eyes then I’ll be happy.

Plus, I look great in my glasses.


  1. I’m 31 this year and my body is already done for 🙂

    My little boy has had to wear glasses from being 4! He also had to wear a patch witch was horrible for him, he is now 7 and was told this week he only has to wear glasses when he is at school so that was great news for us all!

    I have been lucky enough so far not to have to wear glasses, not that it would have been a problem if I’d have had too! My Mrs hasn’t had the same luck as me she has to wear reading glasses and boy does she look HOT in them! My own sexy secretary 😛

  2. Of course when i say “witch” i meant “which” you knew that right 🙂

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