Running the dog!

6 am isn’t the best time to go running, but it’s not the worst either.

This morning I got up and decided that it was once again time Peggy-Dog and I swapped our usual morning walk for a run.  Once I leave the bedroom and head downstairs I can hear Peggy stirring in anticipation of the walk to come.  Once she sees me get the running gear together I’m sure she gets a little more excited, although that may be just in my head.

When I run with Peggy I wear a special waist belt that has two zipped pockets and a bottle holder.  I thread her lead through one of the straps and then fasten the belt around my waist.  This means I can have her securely on the lead, but also have my hands free.  I use one pocket to store empty poo bags, and one to store…well, you get the idea.

I’m lucky to live in a street that has open countryside 100 yards from my front door.  I put Peggy on the lead, run that 100 yards, and then let her run free the rest of the way.  At that point, and at that time, it’s just me, Peggy and whatever wildlife happens to be awake.

After about one kilometre running down a path with fields on either side, the route opens up with a small lake to the left and further paths off to the right.  This morning we went left, because at that time the mist on the lake is beautiful and the swans and ducks can appear almost ghostly as they glide across the water.  Today, however, the peace was momentarily broken by a man with a big stick whacking some of the plantlife into submission.  I have no idea who he was or why he was doing said whacking, but he only did it for a few seconds and then carried on walking.  He was probably the farmer and they were his things to whack.  Odd, though.

Peggy and I carried on our way and got to the half-way point just a little quicker than I did when I ran the route on Sunday.  A brief stop was all I had this time, just long enough to get rid of the non-empty poo bags into the poo bin and off we went.

The sky was virtually cloudless and because the sun wasn’t yet fully up, it was actually quite cold.  Peggy, of course, loved this and ran the whole four miles without a care in the world.  You know, apart from my freezing hands, I pretty much did the same too.

It’s a great way to start the day, for both man and dog.  Peggy is over 11 now and yet she still takes to running with me like it’s the best thing in the world.  The only difference these days is that she likes to sleep a lot more once we finish.

And that suits me fine, because it means she won’t eat the house like she used to do in the past.

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