Train Spotting

Train spotting isn’t a subject that I thought I’d be tackling.  I won’t be tackling it in any depth though, more of a passing observation.

My drive to work takes me down some quite nice, countrified roads.  I also drive very close to a railway track for a few minutes, and this morning as I neared an area that doubles as an impromptu car park for train spotters I realised it was full of cars.  In fact, the impromptu car park had grown an overspill car park this morning, such was the volume of cars.

There was a large crowd of spotters – easily identifiable by their beards and spectacles, vacuum flasks and notebooks – all waiting for something.  I mean, I presumed it was a train, but as the site is also near a field full of horses, maybe they were just there to horse spot.  As I drove on I saw that more spotters were in the field with the horses, and one man was stood on top of a metal case to get a better view.

I was thinking that it’s great that these people were out doing something they loved to do.  We only get one shot at this life thing, so why not do what you enjoy?  It’s easy to say “Train spotters!” and roll your eyes, but as a gamer I’m used to people doing that to me so I try not to judge the pastimes of others.  Not too much anyway.  Those synchronised swimmers are mental.

I drove past the golf club and stables and as I turned onto the next road on my journey I saw what the spotters were obviously there to see: A magnificent steam engine pulling about fifteen carriages.  The steam was billowing out of the chimney, and folding back on itself as it spread along the length of the engine car.  It looked fantastic.  I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of seeing it by design, but it did make for a pleasant start to the day all the same.

I didn’t catch its number though.


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