A New Development

The new development is development itself. When I talk about development I usually mean “dev”, as in computer programming. Or coding if I want to make it sound cooler than it actually is. I’m starting up some dev work again and when the mood takes me I’ll be blogging about it here. My first project is going to be an iPhone version – and possibly iPad too, but let’s crawl first – of my old Amiga game, SlamBall.

SlamBall is essentially a management sim, based around a fictional game that is part football, part rugby, and with a smattering of Speedball thrown in too. I’ve chosen this as my first foray back into dev because I know the game well and it’ll therefore take away one aspect of game creation, that is the creating of new ideas.  In other words, it’ll make the dev easier given that I need to re-learn the iPhone dev skills I last used over a year ago.

To get the project off the ground as quickly as possible I’m going to implement the game using standard iPhone design patterns, e.g. task bars, table views etc.  I won’t be doing a graphical version.  Again, this is to help me get to grips with dev again without having to worry about learning how to actually implement graphical stuff on iPhone.  Once I’ve done that, and if the game is good enough, then I’ll probably take the time to convert it over to a nice graphical style.  With the help of a friend.  Yes, you.

To this end, I’ll be designing the data structure for SlamBall and using the SQLite engine to implement it.  SQL is second nature to me now, so it’s the best choice for me. I’ve discounted Apple’s own CoreData this time as again I don’t want to get bogged down in learning new tech, especially when it’s not really necessary. Plus, SQL is cool, awesome, wicked, and splendid.

To help implement the database in SQLite I’ll be using SQLite Manager by SQLabs. It’s a GUI for dealing with SQLite and will make the process much easier and quicker. I can build the database quickly using the tools provided, and also easily test new SQL scripts that will be required within the SlamBall code for creating data etc.

That’s it, that’s what I’m up to. In the next post I plan on going into a little bit of detail regarding how I’ll be using SQLite as my game’s data store and some of the design decisions I’ve made along the way.


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