Walking weather

Bit late this, as it’s about the walk that Gill, Peggy, and me went on last Sunday. Continuing on from my run on Saturday, I embarked on a 3.5 mile walk on Sunday to keep up my quest for fitness and weight loss. I want to lost a tad more weight before my most excellent wedding on the 25th February this year.

It was excellent weather for walking, being bright and clear and cold. In fact, it was so cold that I even wore a scarf. It was a pretty nifty scarf though, so that’s ok. The route took us past a few places where anglers were freezing themselves whilst watching their rods catch nothing. This meant, of course, lots of water around that had partly frozen. And so, in true childish Mooch and Gill fashion we threw stuff – stones, not people or anything – through the ice so as to make nice noises. The best noises were when the ice was thick enough that the stones just skittered across the top. This made a great noise, which echoed around the bare tree branches.

I should point out that we were throwing the stones into areas of water not populated by anglers, little puddles and the like. We weren’t being hoodlums out there, peeps!

So, yeah, great walk, fun, and it meant that Peggy Dog was quiet for the rest of the day which is always good. It’s good because she doesn’t go back-and-forth to the kitchen searching for food and thus opening the lounge door letting all the cold air in. It may be thought that just drugging Peggy or shutting the door properly would suffice, but that’s just silly.

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