Sunday Shopping With Added World Record Attempt

Who knew that the cancan would be such a popular draw on a Sunday afternoon?

Well, we certainly didn’t. We set off for the Trafford Centre to spend some money. I needed to clothe my new MacBeck Air, Becky, in a neoprene coat and Gill needed to spend birthday vouchers in Fat Face. Unfortunately for that plan about a million people had turned up for the cancan World Record attempt which was taking place at the Trafford Centre. Parking was such a nightmare, plus we had no desire to high-kick our way around the shops, that we decided to go to Knutsford instead. It has a Fat Face, so at least one of us would have been happy.

About 30 seconds into our trip to Knutsford we decided to try Liverpool One because that has a Fat Face and an Apple Store.

About 60 seconds into out trip to Liverpool One we decided to go to Manchester because, well, we were pretty much already there.

It was a good choice as the Arndale played host to all the shops we needed. And, let me say, I needed the Hotel Chocolat shop. Such a diverse range of quality chocolate and chocolates. Which reminds me, those purchases are sat on the breakfast bar in the kitchen while I’m wasting my time typing this…

*wipes chocolatey smudge from round mouth*

The Apple Store is ace. It’s what a PC shop should be like, i.e. full of good computers that work. Ok, ok, that was a minor jest. The Apple Store is cool though, as it was rammed full of people with lots of them chatting to the staff about various products. Come to think of it, if a video game shop was like that it would be really cool.

And then we’d finished shopping and we drove home. Gill had made a curry for tea. I don’t particularly like curry, but I am determined to give mild ones a try to see if I can get the taste. This one was very nice indeed, but I still don’t very much like the feeling of heat they leave you with. That said, I’m all for trying out more mild ones as this one tasted superb.

Now: to eat more chocolate, watch Miss Marple (well, it’s on the telly and I have to trade it being on for me watching the Euro 2012 final later), and probably a little sleep at some point. Perhaps at this point right now, in fact.

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