I’m No Artist

This is not false modesty or a clever title or anything other than the truth; when it comes to being artistic I’m somewhat challenged.

I’ve been trying to create my own art for Discbord and have met with various levels of success. I did manage to open Pixelmator successfully, so that was good. It was then that I fell out with art packages.

You see, the sort of package that Pixelmator is has been designed, on purpose, to be fiendishly complex to do even the most basic thing. Such as, I don’t know, selecting an object and changing its colour.

It’s not like Deluxe Paint was back in the day. Now that was easy.

After struggling and getting chinny and giving up I decided to have another go. But I tried a different tactic this time. I’d actually try and learn how to use the package as intended and not shout at it for not being DPaint.

To be fair, this worked a treat. I am still about as artistic as the modern “art” I saw at the Liverpool Tate last week, but still. Now I can actually use Pixelmator to do really basic stuff and I only get chinny 50% of the time.

I also found a nifty web site that suggested colour schemes, and using that I was able to actually come up with colours that complemented each other. That sounds easy to all you graphicy types, but to me it’s a bit of a revelation.

Basically it’s green.

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