Discbord: Submission Confirmed

About a year since I began developing it Discbord is finally “Waiting For Review” in the Apple App Store.

Over the next few days my little app will be inspected and hopefully approved for release into the App Store. And then you can all buy it for 69p. Thanks.

As with Super Smoothies I am very proud of myself for getting this far. Once Discbord is released I’ll have two games in the App Store, something that I’m chuffed to have achieved. I still get a thrill from designing and programming these games and if I could become more prolific with my releases I’d be even happier.

Ever since I discovered the iPhone and then the Corona SDK I’ve been reliving my youth spent coding games for the Amiga using the magical AMOS. Now I’m investigating the new Platino SDK from Lanica which, I think, will be something like a super-charged version of the Corona SDK.

But whichever SDK I go with next I’m already working on the design(s) of my next project(s). I just need to decide which game I want to make next and then it’s full-steam ahead. And this time it won’t take me 12 months to hit the App Store.

Discbord is scheduled for release on the 19th August 2013. It’ll be 69p in the App Store and will be worth every penny. Or at least 42 of them, as they are the ones I get.

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