The Future

Since I released Discbord in August I’ve been thinking about my future as an app developer.

I’ve been programming computers since I was ten or eleven, when I learned BBC Basic on BBC Micros and Acorn Electrons. I was programming games even then, although my skill level was nowhere near good enough to make anything worth playing.

For the last thirty years I’ve been programming. From when I left university I was a professional programmer for about ten years. After that I drifted into information and data roles and eventually ended up as a SQL Server geek programming T-SQL. But developing software and games and apps is where it’s at for me.

I learned a lot about myself and my limitations when creating Discbord. I learned a lot about what I need to do to make a success of being an app developer. That’s my goal. I want to make a living from my apps, because the way I’ve made my living for the last ten years, in the technologically challenged NHS, has slowly eroded my will to live. There is a spiffing irony in that.

To make this happen I need to start doing much more than just creating games and releasing them and hoping for the best. I’ll need to start creating a name for myself so people know about me and my games. This site is the place for me to start doing that.

It’s time for me to realise that coding the game is important, but not the only important part of the process. In the past, I’d feel as though I’d wasted an evening if I’d written a blog post but hadn’t written some code. That needs to change, because it’s no good creating games if no one buys them. This isn’t my strength, but I’m going to make it one.

I want to be an indie game developer, and I’m going to start the journey to make it happen.

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