A dislocation has caused a dislocation of my development on a new game.

Three weeks ago I managed to dislocate my shoulder for the third time. Pretty painful, but not half as painful as having a few weeks off work and then having to go back to work. I should have spent the time working on my new game, although one-handed operation of my ‘puter was no fun at all. Instead, I finally got round to watching Dexter and got through three seasons in two weeks.

But now I’ve had to go back to work because my arm, although nowhere near fully healed, is strong enough that I can manage everything myself. My arm still gets impressively tired and achey when doing little things like changing gear or, erm, typing but it’s improving every day.

Of course, the really awful thing here is that I’ve had to go back to work and that work isn’t being a full-time developer of iOS games. Which means it’s time to dust off my Platino and JavaScript skills and get back on track with creating my new game. I’m going to be taking a different approach with this one, using some new ideas to ensure that the audio/visual side of things matches up to the bit I am good at, the coding.

First things first; I need to nail down exactly what I’m going to be creating. I’m still thinking of a word game as I love ’em and always liked the idea of creating one of my own. There are a couple of ideas I’ve still yet to rule out though, so I’ve got a bit of work to do to figure out what the next project will be.

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