The A-Team

That’s what I’m building for my next game.

Ok, ok a little misleading and you’re all no doubt excited about playing my latest game because you think you’ll be playing as Mad Murdoch and BA. But what I meant was that I am getting together a team of people to help with the production of my new game.

I can’t do everything myself so it’s best to get the help of talented people that can do all the bits I can’t. I do love the design and coding aspects of game making, so I’ll be doing all that. But graphically and sonically I’m a tad challenged so I’m looking to add those skills to the team. I’ve also decided to produce some videos along the way, and my definition of “produce” is roughly “point camera at face, do talking, send to someone good at videos to make it all spiffy”.

Seriously, how can I fail?

We, how can we fail! Crikey, I’m a bit rubbish at this team-building stuff already, eh?

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