Thunder Run 2018?

I started to run again about 8 weeks ago and already I’ve got the urge to run the fantastic-sounding race, Thunder Run! It’s a 24-hour event, and for me it would involve being part of an 8-person team, taking it in turns to run laps of a 10K course.

I actually entered a team back in 2011 or 2012, I forget which year now, but ultimately I cancelled it as I didn’t feel comfortable training as hard as I’d need to. However, that has changed and I may be ready to give it a go.

The idea of Thunder Run really appeals to me. For a start, it’s a distance worth getting out of bed for. I used to joke that I wouldn’t get out of bed for anything less than 10K, but unfortunately it only ever referred to race distance and not cash earnings! I love the idea of an all-day event, running with a team of people, camping out (even though I don’t do camping unless the tent is to be pitched inside the suite of a 5-star hotel), and just sharing an intense experience and challenge. And you get to run one lap in the dark, which will be a cool new experience.

In my time as a runner I’ve run every distance from 5K to a marathon, so running a potential 30K does not bother me. But, I’ve never run multiple times in one day before, and that is what the challenge and the fear is for me. A challenge because you have to cope with tiredness that you won’t be able to fully sleep away. The fear comes from the stress it will put on my body, because although I had an ablation in 2013 to fix my atrial fibrillation, I still get anxious about training and racing too hard.

The 2017 Thunder Run is in July, but entries open for the 2018 event in October. So, I’ve got about 5 months to get myself into the sort of shape where I could seriously think about training for Thunder Run. And then I’ve got to recruit team members who can meet my exacting standards…!

Will I be thundering around Catton Park in 2018? Watch this space and find out…

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