Today is the last day of my latest period of annual leave and I am very happy(sad(happy(sad))).

I shared the time off work with my favourite person in the world. Gill is not only my favourite person and my wife, but also my best friend. I like nothing more than spending time with her, preferably somewhere beautiful full of good walks and picnics and coffee shops. We did this spectacularly well, first in Anglesey last weekend and then in Edinburgh for a couple of days in the week.

During this time we have had very good friends of ours travelling in the UK, and just by chance we had booked to stay in Edinburgh at the same as they were there. This gave us the chance to meet up for a lovely breakfast at the fantastic Urban Angel. We met our two friends there, along with the two friends they were on holiday with. It was a lovely, social breakfast for 6. Those times are precious because we live so far apart – continents away – and so they are always tinged with sadness.

But the good thing was that after we left Edinburgh and arrived back home, we only had to wait another day before our friends also arrived at our house for one last day before they flew back to the US. And we decided that as they had visited England and Scotland so far on their trip, we’d take them to Newborough Beach in Wales. We’d been there the weekend before as part of our holiday in Anglesey and knew they would love the combination of beach and mountains and forest. We spent a wonderful day together walking along the beach and onto Llanddywn Island, before heading back to the picnic tables for some well earned food. After that we headed to Beaumaris for a wander down the streets and pier. Plus, you know, the fantastic ice cream at Red Boat.

Once we set off for home we contacted the rest of our family and hastily arranged for whoever was available to visit us that evening. So on arrival at home we setup the outdoor seating and spent a couple of hours winding down, swapping travel stories, and generally enjoying the most precious parts of life; family and friends.

Earlier today we finally bid our friends farewell, but we are hopeful that within a year or two a trip over the Pond will take place (not sure which way yet!) and we will be reunited once more.

Bon Voyage!

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