ExerPlan – Exercise Planning App

ExerPlan UI sketch in Notability for iPad.

ExerPlan is the working title of a new app I’m working on, designed as a general exercise planner. In the past I used Excel to plan my running training. More recently I’ve started doing more types of exercise, such as strength training, yoga, and lots of walking. I wanted an app to record and monitor… Continue reading ExerPlan – Exercise Planning App

iOS 12 Shortcuts

Today View Siri Shortcuts Widget on iOS

Apple released iOS12, the latest version of their mobile operating system, on 17th September 2018 and with it came the new Shortcuts/Siri Shortcuts functionality. Shortcuts is the new name for the old Workflow app. In essence, Shortcuts is a way of (relatively) easily automating tasks on your iOS devices. Shortcuts that you create can be… Continue reading iOS 12 Shortcuts

Healthy Eating Or Fine Dining: Why Not Both?

Vigour Protein Bars.

I love to exercise and be healthy, but the biggest struggle for me is always with food; I love the stuff and will happily consume my own bodyweight in chocolate if left unsupervised*! I love to eat out and one of the best discoveries of 2017 was a new restaurant that opened in St Helens… Continue reading Healthy Eating Or Fine Dining: Why Not Both?


Hello, 2018!

At this time of year every year I think about what I want from the new year, and then I forget about it and 12 months later I wonder why nothing changed. I’d like this year to be the time that I concentrate on changes to my career. I’m very skilled at what I do,… Continue reading 2018

Running Coaching Session

Heart rate recovery

Yesterday I had an hour’s coaching session with one of the run leaders from my running group Resolution Runners. The run leader is running the London Marathon in 2018 and is raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Part of her fund raising efforts are to offer an hour’s coaching to those who donate £20, so that’s… Continue reading Running Coaching Session

This May Be Harder Than I Anticipated…

Parkrun barcode tags

Last night I went running with my pals from the Resolution Runners running group. It was an out-and-back; we ran for 18 minutes one way and then 18 minutes back. It was roughly 6k. As I have set myself the Parkrun Top 100 Challenge I decided to try and keep pace with some of the faster… Continue reading This May Be Harder Than I Anticipated…

Parkrun Top 100 Challenge

Me when I thought about a new challenge

I have been running regularly for most of this year thanks to a kickstart provided by some “bad” blood test results which made me really question my health*. I immediately decided I needed to start running again, so I joined the Resolution Runners group in Newton. The group has motivated me to keep running, and… Continue reading Parkrun Top 100 Challenge