Discbord: Day 3

Basically I’m now rich from the sales of Discbord. Well, ok, I’m not but it’s not unexpected. I am however happy that I actually released another app, and I’ve been chuffed with some of the comments from people that have played it. I’d planned on releasing Discbord and then checking out Lanica’s Platino SDK as an… Continue reading Discbord: Day 3

I’m No Artist

This is not false modesty or a clever title or anything other than the truth; when it comes to being artistic I’m somewhat challenged. I’ve been trying to create my own art for Discbord and have met with various levels of success. I did manage to open Pixelmator successfully, so that was good. It was… Continue reading I’m No Artist

New Media

This is just a test post for my new media area. Not new media, just a new area that is dedicated to media. Well, er, it will be new stuff too. Until you’ve seen it, then it’ll be old media. But not like pre-printing press media…oh, never mind, I’m sure you get the gist.

Sounds Good To Me

I’ve been doing some class work with audio lately. It’s all well and good developing a game with all the gameplay in the world and no real graphics or audio to speak of, but eventually it needs both. I’m tackling audio first because my skills in that department are just about better than my skills… Continue reading Sounds Good To Me