Sounds Good To Me

I’ve been doing some class work with audio lately. It’s all well and good developing a game with all the gameplay in the world and no real graphics or audio to speak of, but eventually it needs both. I’m tackling audio first because my skills in that department are just about better than my skills… Continue reading Sounds Good To Me

Corona’s Class Events

Implementing OOP in Lua and using Corona’s custom events has turbo-charged my development. Lua doesn’t have OOP built in like some languages, but there are a couple of methods that can be used to get a version working. My preferred method is to use the “define a class using a function” approach. I’m not after… Continue reading Corona’s Class Events

My Development Journey

My journey usually begins with sheets of A4 paper and black and white prototypes. I like to make notes and sketches and scribble pseudo-code on the A4. I often repeat the same things on multiple pages just trying to get an idea straight in my head. The black and white prototypes I make using the… Continue reading My Development Journey


My latest app development is a personal project born out of necessity. I like to run, but it’s not the only exercise I do. When I was trying to get into better shape before my wedding earlier this year, I started to do some mini-workouts, which involved press ups, sit-ups, balance exercises, and strength training… Continue reading MyFitnessTimer