WWDC 2021 – Day 3

Today has been all about SwiftUI as I watched the excellent Demystifying SwiftUI session, and then hung out in the SwiftUI lounge as Apple engineers answered questions about what was in the session. And right now I am back in the SwiftUI lounge where a couple of engineers are answering questions about building SwiftUI itself.… Continue reading WWDC 2021 – Day 3

WWDC 2021 – Day 2

We got the first recap video today and Serenity Caldwell knocked it out of the (Apple) park. Watching the brief-yet-info-dense recap got me excited all over again about what’s in store for this week and beyond. Already the Apple dev community is cranking out content. My personal favourite so far is tuning into Paul Hudson’s… Continue reading WWDC 2021 – Day 2

WWDC 2021 – Day 1

And just like that the Keynote and Platforms State of the Union are over for another year. Although last year had the big Apple Silicon announcement, I felt they spent too long on it, so this year’s focus on the software and APIs was more interesting for me. I particularly liked the Maps enhancements around… Continue reading WWDC 2021 – Day 1

Decoupling Code

.swift files for persisting data

I’ve written before about my use of SQLite and the GRDB framework in my new app ExerPlan. After spending more time coding and getting to grips with the approach I detailed here, I’ve made the decision to alter the approach again. While GRDB is an excellent framework, it’s not part of the Swift standard library… Continue reading Decoupling Code